Pierre/Sigmoon has settled a new life in
Istanbul/Turkey. He feels at home there and is
becoming one of the main troublemakers able
to stir the young emerging ottoman electronic

We, Phil and Luz as well as Nikho (DEF) are still
based in The Caserne in Pontoise until
November 2003 and looking for a new
headquarters place for after that period.

Jérome/Mimetic is still operating from Geneva,
working now also with the group Art Zoyd
(creation "Metropolis", a live contemporary
set accompanying the movie)

Flore is in Paris with Axel and her daughter

Servovalve lives now in Nimes close to the
famous arenas, working on a new release for
the label M.Tronic. He invented lately the
"infinite never ending horlogic C.D Rom" and
looking for sponsors.

We are currently finishing off the demos of our
future forthcoming album entitled simply "De
L'Aimant" ("Von Magnet" translated in french,
beautiful playing on words meaning as well
"from the loving person").
So far ten songs very much re-inspired from
Flamenco music, going back to our own
invented powerful "electroflamenco" roots.
A long cycle has been drawned :
from ... El Sexo Sur Realista 1987 / to ....
De L'Aimant 2003.

We started this story early 2002, Mimetic
brought in a few rythmic bases then Phil added
a wild bunch of samples, finally we ended up
sketching different clear flamenco modes.
Traditionally each of those modes are expressing
different emotions; happy, sad, nostalgic,
poetic, extatic, etc. (Siguiriyas, Alegria, Solea
Por Buleria, Tarantos, Tangos, Rumba...)
We also rearranged a song a remix from
Mezclador's Stalker offered as a gift by our
friend Marc Reina (Facthedrals Halls / Sizzle).

We were lucky to meet the young and talented
flamenco guitar player Sabina Van Den Oever
after one of our concert in Den Haag last year.
We together started a fruitful collaboration
which brought a delicate flavour and a driving
fire into our compositions. Sabina is a dutch
lady with Indonesian origins, a true flamenco
lover who achieved her apprenticeship in Sevilla.

Flore and Phil are currently outlining all the
vocals in spanish, french and english. Andreï
Tarkovski our soulfather has again inspired us,
but also Carlos Saura and Gena Rowlands,
Antonio Gades and Carmen Maura's voice.

As mixing is concerned, we would really love to
work again with our dear friend, the brilliant
producer Ken Thomas. He has just finished
working on the first solo album of the singer
of Depeche Mode.
Our accomplice Alexandre (Pro-Art) from the
band Almaz is now assisting and directing us
with all the logistic side of this album project.

Parallelely we are preparing a book biographic
/anthologic "Neither predator no prey", including
a lot of texts, lyrics and photos about our
long striving existence, almost 20 years of
sincere pure magnetism. "Les Editions des
Maisons Closes" our friends from the company
Materia Prima in Nancy will help us to publish
this book next year.

Side Project : The musical electro-magnetic
family circus
(Wild Shores, Sigmoon, Von, Mimetic, Def,
Stocha, Silvatica, Lys, Storm) will soon
present an exclusive unique album concept
introducing the lyrical opera cabaret singer François Testory : a C.D called "Sarazine and the Electromantics".
We offered an original track ("Once ocho") for the compilation "QFG" of the french label Parametric. (released in February 2003)
with serene passion
05/03 the magnets







foto: Fred sichet